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About Us

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Background: There has been a history of the education departments of the North West Catholic Dioceses working together over the past 30 years.

The Catholic Training Partnership (CTP) was formally established in 2005 supported by grant aid from a national organisation.

In 2014, the partnership was re-named the ‘North West Catholic Dioceses Training Partnership‘ (NWCDTP) and its provision was extended.

Remit: This Partnership is the official Continuing Professional Leadership Development & Formation (CPLDF) organisation for Catholic education, including all Catholic schools and colleges, under the guidance of the relevant Diocesan education departments and on behalf of the Bishops of the five North West Dioceses.

Formatio: Since September 2018, the NWCDTP has been part of the CES Formatio Strategy to form, nourish and sustain leaders of Catholic education in the North West.

The NWCDTP steering group consists of representatives from each Diocesan Department for Education, Headteachers, System Leaders, Formators and University Sector partners.

The group meet at least every half term to plan, develop, organise, co-ordinate and administer the work of the Partnership.

Mankind owes to children the best it has to give. Their life is fragile. If they are to have a tomorrow, their needs must be met today. Many things can wait, but not the children. Now is the time that their bones are being formed, their blood composed and their senses developed. We cannot answer their ‘tomorrow’, their name is ‘today’.

Gabriela Mistral

(First Latin American to win Nobel Prize in Literature, 1945)