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Training and Formation

The NWCDTP forms, nourishes and sustains Catholic school leaders at all levels through cross-phase leadership training & formation programmes and activities.

Each Diocesan education department provides individually tailored and effective support for its schools and colleges. The collaborative Partnership ensures the highest quality provision for schools and colleges in specific areas where joint working is the best approach, therefore every Diocese benefits from training that otherwise may not be available.

Our programmes are led by appropriate serving professionals from across the partnership and beyond; and aim to offer a continuum of opportunity to nourish Catholic leaders in a rapidly changing context.

Team Leads for each area of CPLDF:

  • Forming Catholic Leaders: Fr Des Seddon
  • Sustaining Catholic Formation in Schools: Klare Rufo
  • Core Programmes:
  • CMLP: Martin Johnson
  • CSLP: Leo Conley
  • CHP: Jane Beever

If you would like to participate in any of the CPLDF opportunities offered within each of our partner Dioceses please contact that Diocese directly.

We work alongside & signpost to a range of partner organisations:

Joint Initiatives with the four North-West Church of England Dioceses

There is occasional collaboration, the subject of which varies according to the focus of National Education Funding (e.g. Aspiring Heads, Aspiring middle leaders, Faith schools in difficult to reach areas etc).

Details will be posted should opportunities become available, and also circulated to the relevant parties in schools by Diocesan Departments for Education.


The NWCDTP will be taking photographs, videos, and audio recordings throughout their events.

These may be used for the following:

  • Promoting similar events in the future, via any medium, including publication in third-party journals or other media;
  • Reporting the event via Diocesan & NWCDTP websites and publications, or in Diocesan press releases;
  • General marketing and promotion of the NWCDTP & associated Dioceses, via any medium, including publication in third-party journals or other media;
  • Live blogging via social media;
  • Transferred to your employer for their own promotional purposes.

The NWCDTP processes all personal data in accordance with Data Protection Act 1998, the GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018.

Further details of how the NWCDTP processes personal data, the measures observed to protect it, and how Data Subjects can exercise their legal rights, can be found in the Privacy Policy of each associated Diocese.

You have the legal right to object to any or all of the above uses of your image. To do so please speak to any member of the NWCDTP / Diocesan team at the event (who will ask you to record your objection in writing).