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Catholic Middle Leadership Programme

Programme intent & target audience

CMLP offers formation in Catholic middle-leadership.

The programme is suitable for:

  • New and experienced curriculum subject or aspect leaders in primary & secondary schools or colleges;
  • Those aspiring to, or already in, middle leadership posts in Catholic schools & colleges.


Delegates will:

  • Access high quality inspirational formation as an authentic leader in a Catholic school;
  • Be inspired by presentations from prominent national speakers & experienced practitioners from within our Dioceses partnership;
  • Develop a leadership project bespoke to their School Improvement Planning;
  • Present to & be accountable for impact to Governors at their school;
  • Be supported in their leadership development by a school based coach;
  • Receive the support of CMLP delegates within a structured learning set, led by an experienced facilitator;
  • Participate in a small group presentation exemplifying leadership development;
  • Receive a certificate upon completion of the CMLP, endorsed by all 5 bishops of the North West Catholic Dioceses.


  • Six themed formation / nourishment days – keynotes, facilitated roundtable discussions and learning sets;

School Improvement Leadership Project:

  • School Based Coach – sustains leadership development during and beyond CMLP.


  • Learning Set – Groups of approx. 6 delegates; Diocesan based / phase meetings at taught days & 3 twilight sessions in schools.
  • Headteacher group facilitator.

Focused Events

  • Briefing – Preparing Leadership Development Project (Delegates & Learning Coaches);
  • Distinctiveness Residential Conference Days 1 & 2;
  • School based Learning Set Twilight 1;
  • Mission Led Leadership Conference Day 3;
  • School based Learning Set Twilight 2;
  • Gospel Inspired Leadership Conference Day 4;
  • School based Learning Set Twilight 3;
  • Transformative Leadership Conference Day 5;
  • Celebrating Leadership Conference Day 6 (Learning coach / Headteacher invited to attend).


Those who have completed the programme in past cohorts say:

  • The CMLP helped me understand the difference between leadership and Catholic leadership!
  • The speakers and presenters helped me reflect upon and understand the impact I can make when I am focused on servant leadership principles.
  • I didn’t want the course to end – the learning sets gave me encouragement and challenge.

Course Fees


(Discounted to £600 for Group 1 schools.)

Cohort 6 (2019-2020)

Key Dates:


Thursday 11th July 2019

Wrightington Hotel

Day 1

Monday 30th September 2019

Kilhey Court Hotel

Day 2

Tuesday 1st October 2019

Kilhey Court Hotel

Day 3

Friday 22nd November 2019

Wrightington Hotel

Day 4

Friday 6th March 2020

Wrightington Hotel

Day 5

Friday 19th June 2020

Wrightington Hotel

Day 6

Friday 3rd July 2020

LACE & Metropolitan Cathedral

The programme has already begun for this academic year, but if you would like to participate in Cohort 7 of the programme, the booking form will be released towards the end of the Spring Term 2020.

For further information please contact your Diocesan education team.


CMLP is a cross-phase programme for both new and experienced teachers who are aspiring to, or are currently in, a middle leadership role.

  • Delegates will be supported in their leadership development by a school based coach and develop a leadership project bespoke to their School Improvement needs.
  • Advice will be given on presenting to and working alongside governors, reinforcing leadership accountability.
  • Focused face to face training and learning set opportunities develop a coherent understanding of authentic Catholic school leadership;
  • Keynote speakers include Sr Judith Russi, Kevin Quigley, David Wells, Fr Frankie Mulgrew, Canon Luiz Ruscillo and serving practitioners.
  • Learning Sets, facilitated by members of the CMLP team, apply learning from training days into practice;
  • The programme concludes with each learning set presenting on their leadership growth and development;
  • Certificates, signed by the Bishops of the North West Catholic Dioceses, are presented upon successful completion of the programme.